#Poetry:”Different Choices”.

Italian Version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/01/poesiascelte-diverse/

Has this ever happened to you at some point in your life,

what events similar to your past would arise?

And today, however, they are different, you are different.

However, there is a series of bizarre coincidences, which bind you to the past,

things that happen even today.

Even if with a different person,

however similar things happen.

Again, separate.

Again, grieve.

Today, however, there is a question that I, as a curious person,

as a scientist of life,

of humanity, of myself …

I wonder:

“… What if today I made different choices?

What if instead of going away, I stay?

If going to BO instead of a getaway or plan A,

became a plan B? “

So much in life you see it,

it is useless to make too many plans,

planning too much,

then something always happens that makes you change your mind.

Fortunately … you, and I,

we keep our heads open and ready for eventualities.

So why not make the most damaging choice, perhaps …

even more long-lived,

it takes longer to reach it, maybe,

on one side…

But on the other hand,

could it give you enormous happiness?

What do you really want?

The “impossible” thing? huh?

Anyway life will bring me some other unexpected,

if we are really predestined,

if for how long we try, fate has taken our life … I don’t know.

We might as well surrender to new circumstances and priorities …

Now I want more, but above all …

I want to be in peace.

Without rush to live, without running away, now I don’t need to rush,

but calm.

I must be a turtle now.

And have immense patience.

Different choices, man.

And maybe better,

but I will find out only later.

Alas! If as always,

if you only knew if I’m making the right choices, at least inside of me, for now …

Only for what I want.

Who knows? …

Different choices.



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