#Poetry:”And then it comes…”

And then it comes,

that day when pain away, it goes.

I know, it’s not over here,

just another hit to fear.

The pain I don’t want to hear,

I’m just waiting for the moment, when all it’s clear.

The truth doesn’t matter anymore,

As the goal to score.

Nothing to wait for,

I am torn.

I don’t know about the future,

if she will come back, a new picture.

Now I’m just letting go,

can’t a love be an obsession,

or a frienship: a new session…

I’m not losing my affrection,

just learning a lesson.

No more tension,

pay attention.

She got from brain to heart,

I want to restart.

I got sick for all those opinions,

I’m tired of my condition,

so I’m stopping this mission,

no more opposition.

Life from now on, it will change,

against the oods, against the grain.

I can feel it, life is changing forever,

it won’t be the same anymore,

no surrender.

It’s not over here,

just finished a bad page, waiting for a new beginning. The pain is just over… I just have to stay calm, waiting for my moment, the new moment.



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