Let’s talk about merit,

I believe that everyone deserves what he wants,

what is conquered: not an abstract concept.

“You deserve better” is abstract. The best is not there, you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

He deserves what he strives to achieve.

I get the concept of “merit” out of my vocabulary,

we are not at school,

we’re not always in school, at least.

The merits are those there,

grades, studies, career, are all things though,

that we earn.

Who decides what we deserve? Don’t we decide ourselves?

A God? A God who well, sometimes I wonder if there is,

and where is it …

since I’m here,

to ask me again the reason for so many, too many things.

I throw out the term “merit” and replace it with “gain”.

This is my school…

I know whoever tells me that I deserve more,

they say it out of friendship.

But I, I want more,

I want what I want

I think I deserve what I really want.

Or in life it’s like at school,

punishments against merits?

I believe that life is too broad to have fixed concepts:

not even self-discipline is always necessary.

I deserve what I want …

Only now, it seems very far from me.

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