#Poetry:”Roots/Feel Free”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/08/poesiasentiti-libero-radici/


Feel free,

to do as you please,

feel free, to be.

Feel free not to think that you are wrong,

of having made mistakes,

but don’t think you are unsuitable,

or that you have chosen the wrong person.

You know, I’m starting to understand that no opinion is more important than ours,

at least, on ourselves.

If you think someone is wrong about you,

it means that it is.

If you love yourself,

if you are the first to love yourself,

no one will have a prevailing opinion about you.

And if you trust yourself,

if you let yourself be the first that you trust,

well, you won’t need advice.

Be strong enough to do it.

And do it now, now.

That then it will be late, that then,

life slips from your fingers

and what you want, if others take it.

Create new roots,

a new tree.

A new mind and heart.

But remember: The body is also made up of other organs,

the rebirth does not pass only from these things.

And then there is not a single tree, with roots.

You are a forest,

each tree represents a part of you.

“It is when you learn to ignore the tree that you come to focus

Until you can see the forest “

(Lucci: “Shibumi”).

Every part of the body, soul, mind and heart.

New roots,

because this period has taken so much, too much.

And you want nothing more than to take back what you have lost.

Feel the pain of the blows,

the weight of criticism and regret.

Maybe even those who love you crush your heart,

thinking of doing well.

But they don’t have a good balance:

forgetting also that it is not necessary to annihilate.

We are all victims of our experiences,

but fear not: you owe nothing to whom you feared when you were younger.

Even today someone who talks too much,

that seems to judge you, without even knowing your name.

But you don’t owe these people anything.

You are big now, you are becoming a splendid tree.

You don’t owe anything to those who one day did this.

You thought that you were not suitable, because of these nothings,

realize …

And now, to tell you you’ve always been good,

always been smart.

You got results,

you graduated at the end …

Now it’s time to think about taking the rest you miss,

because you can.

You lack dreams and goals to achieve:

never doubt yourself again.

This is what makes you lose and fail,

not the rest.

And if you really believe what you think,

you have to prove it;

but to yourself, first,

the rest comes later, my friend.

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