#Poetry:”I don’t want to be eaten From the darkness of the world”

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/01/poesiasenza-farmi-mangiare-dal-mondo/


I don’t want to be eaten

From the darkness of the world,

I don’t want to be like that

with the defenses,


unnecessarily hard.

This way, with these misconceptions,

without ever thinking that something changes,

without ever believing that there is another way.

Without ever trying to find another way …

Without ever … Living differently.

Recognize reality, without ever changing it?

Recognize reality and then stand still?

Stay helpless?

Is this the answer?

Or is it just an excuse?

We are all closed in our darkness,

I don’t want to be eaten by these things,

from the way this city is made,

without alternatives …

And there are some though, I know.

I know people lie to themselves

then he lies to others.

I was lucky enough to open my mind,

to meet who saved me.

How much bullshit, look … how much I have to endure …

“You have to live cynical, not giving a damn!

You must be detached,

you have to do this, that “…

I’ve heard the lies of others,

reflect on me.

The way they decided to lie to themselves,

I should do it to me.

This self defense,

this way they get ass fucked,

where they are eaten by the world …

I can’t do otherwise,

because otherwise I would hate myself …

And I don’t want to.

I can’t let the world eat me,

I have to eat it …



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