#Poetry:”Nobody is Necessary”(You are complete).

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/18/poesianessuno-e-necessario-completo/


Noboy is really necessary,

only you are.

You for yourself.

So don’t be ordinary,

try not to be secondary,

you need to be first,

and it doesn’t need to be temporary.

You can be alone,

you can stay on your own,

maybe you’ll get mad,

so don’t be so for too long.

But use this time to be strong.

Love yourself,

then, everybody else.

You are the only person who really needs attention,

survival and passion.

You can be complete,

and then you can be with someone else,

so you can feel your heat,

and then hers,

so nice, so neat,

Feel your heartbeat.

Feel alive,

then, follow your line,

There’s still time,

time to find,

what’s been lost,

a mountain to climb.

You need solitude,

as much as company,

Can you tell yourself:”I love you”,

and be your own factory?

You want people to like you,

you need to like yourself, first.

Or disappear in a blast,

regain your strenght,

peace and rest.

Can you get me?
You need to be complete with yourself,

before you can be with anybody else.



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