#Poetry:”Gold Seeker”.

Ita version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/22/poesiacercatore-doro/


I am a gold digger,

I want everything,

but I know that to get it, it will take time.

I’ll have to dig and look for the gold nugget.

Maybe it’s good to be rich, cool, successful,

but there are those who were born there.

Instead, there are those who, like me, have to sweat these things out.

I am a gold digger, like Uncle Scrooge.

Years of effort,

to build his wealth.

Commitment, sacrifice,

living in a world of “everything and now”,

I am in the “shortly and tomorrow”.

But every “little” builds the brick entirely.

The construction of a palace.

Every mistake, every experience,

built for a perfect palace.

The “duck egg” gold nugget,

the one that allows you to get rich.

However, it is not just the wealth of money that I seek,

but the richness of life.

And I know it won’t be easy,

but I also know that I am better than who,

what I want, it already has.

The “privileged”.

But I have the distinct feeling,

than earning it, is much better than being born there.

A bit like Scrooge.

Including the value of life and wealth,

being born poor.

He lived a life of incredible adventures,

struggling like few.

He gives us immense value:

the rich of the past, were not born rich,

they broke their asses.

Wealth today is told to us as something taken for granted,

or unreachable.

They didn’t pass on to us the difficulty of becoming that way,

or maybe we children, born in such a world,

born already privileged,

we no longer see the tears, the sweat, the blood,

of those who gave birth to us in this way.

I believe it is important to know the value of one’s effort.

Yes, I want to be a little like Scrooge Mc Duck.

Yet it isn’t the gold that I’m wanting
So much as just finding the gold



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