#Poetry:”Underdog 3″ (Since I was a kid).

Ita version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/22/poesiaunderdog-3-fin-da-bambino/

1 & 2: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/10/poetry-underdog/


Since I was a kid,

I’ve always been a loser.

I grew up believing that I could never win,

no conflict.

I’ve been an Underdog,

forgotten, abject.

Since I was a kid,

have always wanted to decide others

my destiny.

Since I was a kid they underestimated me,

who never even looked at me,

who did not understand my state,

they just despised me.

With this idea,

that to win you have to do greater things than you,

that a beautiful girl is considered a goddess,

while you are the waste,

of a world that works badly,

sometimes it gives me a heart attack.

They tell you what you should take,

but then you discover it’s nothing,

or just crumbs.

And no matter how much you can make,

you’ll always been lost in ther commas and full stops.


I’m still that kid,

who wants to prove to everyone how fucking wrong they are.

I still have the desire for redemption,

prove who the fuck I am,

certainly not a fool.

I still want to take,

what I don’t beat.

I want a rematch, that’s right!

I still feel that baby,

that little boy from the playgrounds,

of the gardens, where there were those fucking bullies.

I still feel like I’m mocked,

as if you still have to show,

my real face.

I’m still the one there,

the one who, even if he has lived a long time,

still needs the ransom,

to have those people next to you,

to make my song out of this life

to make it my pride too.

I still want to be a champion,

a hero, my hero.

With my fire in my eyes,

this victory, of my creation.

I’m still that pissed off child,

who wants to change his status.

Who wants to reach the unattainable,

to prove you’ve made it,

when my way,

it has always been paved with defeat.

I’m still that kid, self-taught,

tired of this rarefied air.

So that I could stop being envious,


to think that there is someone who is really better than me,

that he has a better life than mine.



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