#Poetry:”I decide to feel good”.

Ita version:https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/24/poesiascelgo-di-stare-bene/

I want to feel good,

I choose joy,

in this hood.

So I won’t look into the void,

I think about my wealth, my boy.

I want to choose my happiness,

never be sad,

just wellness.

No more regrets,

no longer being upset.

Maybe lif’s too short,

for things like that.

I just choos to do things,

because I want to…

And then, forget.

I want to be like this,

I’m fine,

even if some things, goes away in a blast!

But, well, sometimes,

not so fast.

So, I’m here,

I decide my way,

nothing wrong with that.

I can still live this day.

I don’t want to feel sad anymore,

sadness isn’t something I love.

I just enjoy it,

like everything in life,

makes me feel alive.

Pain does it.

I wonder, is there someone above?

Or maybe, something else to get rid of.

And if you are still in love, if you choose that you are fine, even if you can no longer fix things, if you have also lost your friendship … If you still believe there is a way, and you are fine, well …

There’s nothing wrong.

if you feel fine, I think life is too short to spend it in malaise. Do what you want, which is what matters most in the world.

If we don’t do what we want, what do we live to do?



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