#Poetry:”Love Yourself”.

Ita version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/24/poesiaama-te-stesso/


So, just love yourself.

Can you do that?
I know, I’ve done some mistakes,

a lot.

I had to endure the pressure to take,

on my heart, on my brain.

And it’s real, not fake.

For so long, I was about to break.

But then I’ve got it:

I know nobody’s perfect,

so no love is.

I can try my  best,

for this love: imperfect.

Love yourself, then:

with all your flaws,

and with all that grows.

I’m sure you can,

I’m sure you will,

this is my will,

I feel love, still,

and I don’t care, for anything else,

nothing else to fill.

I will stop my judgment,

I’m living the moment.

I won’t judge myself,

there’s nothing wrong,

in this love.

I want more,

the hope it’s still not gone,

love, will come.

I’m stopping living in way that I don’t like,

I’m stopping being worried,

waliking throught all those spikes.

I don’t think I need a hike,

but I’m still doing this,

waiting to strike.

I live with my utopias, my desires,

I don’t want to stop them, to stop the fires.

I believe if I judge myself,

I’d just cut my wires,

and more tires.

I decide to love,

not to hate.

If I hate, I’d hate myself,

instead I love,

so maybe, she can do that with herself.

Hate, those who cannot love each other,

reflecting in others, the things he does not feel well within himself.

I’m perfect this way,

so are you.



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