#Poetry:”Ass and Legs”.

Click here for original version:https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/25/poesiagambe-e-culo/

I can’t even look at you,

I’m scared all I’d see into those eyes,

could be hatred, or scorn.

So I fake it,

as if I’m not torn.

Disptance has born.

This is the  fragile mask I worn.

Once, I always enjoyed lookign at you.

Your beautiful smyle,

your wonderful legs,

your amazing ass.

I loved to watch your eyes smile,

and your mouth, too.

The same I wanted to kiss,

and but my dick… oh wait for this.

Sorry for this mess,

I just think you’re so sexy,

I know it’s messy.

You’re so wonderful,


I’m not full.

I’m not enough powerful.

I know that being with you,

it would make the happiest man,

on this hellish earth.

Even if … you broke my heart.

I know, I’m a madman.

It could be just enough,

to be a little glad,

no more sad,

to forget what we said,

to uproot the bad.

To surprise you, again,

in a better plan.

And maybe, for real, being a friend.



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