#Poetry:”I don’t need”.

Click here for italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/25/poesianon-ho-bisogno/


I don’t need

I don’t need to get muscles,

to succeed.

I don’t need to be famous,

to win,

I don’t need tatoos.

I don’t need limitations,

I don’t need something,

that breaks my nations.

I need to accept,

I need to pass on what’s left.

I think I need to love me,

I think I need to embrace me.

I don’t want to think only,

about what stops me.

To do what I want, to get what I miss,

I don’t need all this.

I want to get back,

to something i got out,

I want to get closer,

to somehting I’m still talking about.

And I want to feel free, doing it.

Now, that I love myself,

I get that I don’t need to do something bigger than me.

Sometimes, little is just good enoug,

even if I always doubt this stuff.

I am turning around a big wall,

trying a way to break it, whole.

To create a hole,

what can I do, more?

I want to create a powerful weapon,

So I can break it all down.

But I’m standing in front of it,

loving it.

Basically, loving a thing that I don’t know how to change,

and it’s strange.

I think onde day,

I will find the way.

It’s my study, everyday,

at the end of this May.

that tomorrow will bring,

Because I lack nothing,

determination and hope are my thing.

And the end of this suffering,

I’m getting ready for the exam.

Hoping it won’t be the last one.



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