#Poetry:”I’ll stop Judging myself”.

Clcik here for original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/26/poesiasmettero-di-giudicarmi-accogliermi/


I’ll stop judging myself,

I’ll stop thinking I’m doing something wrong,

I’ll stop judging my thoughts,

I’ll stop thinking there is no other way.

I’ll stop judging myself if I want to eat a pizza,

or drink a beer.

Looking for tranquility.

I’ll stop judging myself,

for what I feel inside.

I’ll stop thinking that what I want,

being unreachable,

is wrong.

But I’ll never stop believing it’s possible.

I’ll never stop thinking it’s attainable.

I’ll stop thinking it’s wrong to be who I am.

Finally, I’ll take my flaws,

that did not help me in obtaining the desired result.

And finally, I can say,

loving myself, with all my strength,

that I can love my mistakes.

As a lover of them,

I can finally believe that I would do the same things again,

because there is nothing else to do but love one’s flaws.

If I went back, I’d do the same,

because it’s time for me to believe,


that being like this is the best thing.

So every bullshit I’ve done

can only be repeated,

only if I go back.

I understand that I don’t have to judge myself for my physical appearance,

I’m fine like this,

I can improve,

but I must not go crazy.

Because the things I care about,

are also obtainable by remaining thus,

without changing.

And it is in the end, due to this negative judgment,

towards myself,

that I have failed so much.

But enough, even to think of life as “a failure”,

it’s wrong.

Now I can finally truly be,

at peace with myself,

and I welcome myself.

This is the welcome of a man,

that towards himself,

it has been a bit foreign.

I know well, that now, I can truly be myself.

That there has never been anything wrong with me,

only in what I believed, I should have been.

Since I am perfectly capable of noticing my mistakes by myself,

i just need support,

to believe in myself,

and become truly better.

Without judgments,

without being harsh again, never again.

And it’s by stopping to tell me I “have” to do things,

which then, finally, I will be able to do them.



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