#Poetry:”I’ll become Someone”.

Click here for Italian/original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/28/poesiadiventero-qualcuno/

I’ll become someone,

yes I will.

I’ll show how it’s done,

I can do everything, son.

I’m not going to run.

I’ll become someone,

I’ll fuck every girl, everyone.

Yes, I’ll  be someone.

I’ll do it,

I’ll never give up.

I’ll do it until I’ll blow up.

I’ll show ‘em,

how wrong they are,

about me.

I can go so far,

I will be a fucking star!

I’ll strike, like a thunder,

as I was doing some murder,

of things that are not in my charter,

I can feel it, under.

Under my skin,

I’m going to win.

But wait a second,

does it mean I have to do things,

to be somebody,

to have a face, a body?

Am I no one, now?

No, I am one, already.

Everything is just steady.

I am someone,

so you are too,

that you’re reading this.



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