Check here, if you want to read original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/28/poesiatolleranza/

Sometimes I’m one who can’t have tolerance,

Sometimes I hang out with people who do me bad effects,

that break my balls too much.

So, sometimes I start to disappear,

preferring to be alone,

always repeating myself and telling me that I’m worth a lot.

Sometimes I think maybe I’m dealing with people too young,

too immature.

Perhaps this commitment of love,

which always seems to be the right answer,

it is something to escape hatred.

And you know, don’t you?

In the end it is evil, evil.

If you try it it devours you,

then can you love,

not to get consumed.

Not to be hypocritical.

But Holy Christ,

sometimes I can’t stand you.

Sometimes you don’t realize how wrong you are with me.

And I get tired of trying to make you understand,

and therefore,

I shut up.

“Let’s talk then”.

That I tolerate you, sometimes,

I just can’t do it.

With your insecurities,

that you mirror on me.

I already or mine,

And so I need to see yours?

No, thank you!

Holy shit, guys:

every now and then try to face each other,

instead of mirroring your problems,

about who loves you.



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