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I could be evil,

So maybe, we could be equal.

I can think outside of my box,

forget my values,

forget the blocks.

I could go beyond that,

I could be a trickster,

probavly not so good, mister.

But you know,

I could be a devil,

since to live or to die,

it’s all about a good lie.

Whay  can I say?

Sometimes we do things,

indeed rules are meant to be broken,

like hearts, and that’s a token.

Well, we could focus on this totem,

since now, I’m open,

heart is never frozen.

If meati s weak,

so is man,

I don’t expect you to understand.

We can go pass our footsteps,

my values,

principles… Fuck that!

Sinc I can’t use,

any glues,

to patch things back.

M yvalues didn’t really help.

So I’m gonna say this  straight:

I would try, for example,

to “steal” the woman I love,

from another man’ arms,

and not regrettign it.

On my hand burns,

just thinking about it…

But so it’s life, so it turns.

There’s no justice, sometimes…

So don’t churn.

That nobody really cares here any-fucking-way,

so better be selfish sometimes

who judge you so much and break my balls anyway…

That’s the sad, fucking truth.



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