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This era,

where we must all be strong,

never a moment of weakness.

We have to hide it,

all fast.

“Forget about her,

go ahead,

hurry up.

You have to hurry up ”.

We can’t be weak,

take time,

suffering seems wrong.

Immediately looking for surrogates,

or get drunk,

immediately fill gaps.

Supermen, superwomen,

all cool and supercool.

Without even the right,

the possibility of being

fucking human.

This claim,

from others,

drives us crazy.

We lose our identities …

All to expect from you,

things that they don’t do.

They tell you to carry on,

because they can’t,

to get back with the exes …

What hypocrisy!

We are weak,


Let me be fragile and weak,

leave me the luxury of making mistakes.

Maybe the only thing I have left,

since here it is demanded of us,

something that we’re not.

The masks then fall off …

We are weak,

no one is a superman.

And I don’t care anymore,

wanting to prove that you are weak.

Strength lies in realizing that you are strong,

when you get up,

after being weakened.

I’m not interested in being a superman.

And in my frailty that I still want to do things for me.

And I can’t let go,

I can not go on”,

I don’t give a fuck.

Because this is my freedom.

The freedom to be a normal man.



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