#Poetry:”For you, the door will always stay open”. (Move Forward)

Click here feor italian/original version:https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/02/poesiala-porta-restera-per-te-aperta-andare-avanti/


To move on,

I do, we always do.

If I don’t do it how you want it,

I care little.+

But, I can’t let anyone,

to put a mouth in my life.

I regret and regret many things,

I’m sorry I said them,

to have criticized,

of having written “White Papers”.

For some things I have no responsibility,

maybe it’s the city’s fault,

or rather: the fault of what certain experiences do and cause us.

I am sorry that you have experienced them …

The door will always remain open for you.

Maybe you will enter, without having knocked, in fact.

And I won’t even see you coming,

in my garden.

Because there are no real buildings here,

there are no walls.

It was the wrong time to meet,

also to clash …

And nothing, that’s okay.

I do my part,

my strength are words,

because if they are sincere,

express how I feel.

And I said bullshit a bit,

to try to safeguard the relationship.

But let’s close the curtain of regrets and remorse,

I leave this poem, I leave it to you,

perhaps more sincere than others.

Obviously many things do not depend on me,

but if I can’t fix it,

maybe something else will do it for me.



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