#Poetry:”Grow Up”.

Click here for original/itlian verison: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/02/poesiacrescere/


To grow up,

does not mean getting colder,

does not mean becoming more cynic,

it means becoming more autonomous.

It means more and more,

know who you are,

what do you want,

where should you go,

and do it.

Carrying everything, all the way.

It seems paradoxical,

but you become too mature,

to let it go,

to surrender.

At some point you get tired of a life that seems all the same,

you have to and want to change …

And this is how one is saved.

The advice and the speeches,

they begin to become either harmful or superfluous.

Not because we want to hear certain things,

we want to be “consoled”, no.

Why do you become autonomous,

you become aware.

And it doesn’t matter anymore


seek the opinions of others,

but keep your own,

trying to make dreams and goals come true.

Starting to ignore everything else around them,

the difficulties begin to disappear,

leaving room for certainty,

especially of their own identity.

This is the ultimate goal of growth.

Without feeling any pain,

but only joy.



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