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When everything falls apart,

in the end, I stand up,

once again.

To take a new part,

to restart.

If I cant do a thing,

I get stronger,

I want to get better,

this are things to foster.

I’ll get stronger,

to do things I couldn’t before,

to take it to another level,

to do more,

I won’t stay under,

I will be the rebel.

If I can change,

I’ll chenge te result,

my world, I’m becoming adult.

I will get stronger, to do somehing, only I can,

nobody can.

Becoming a new man,

my friend,

there are so many things,

you’ll never understand.

This is how I’ll be saved,

I’ll show how I’m brave!

I want to be stronger,

like a warrior,

not a junior,

but a senior,

I’m not inferior.

So, I’ll be proud

Of what  I did,

something I’m bound.

And I’m honest, I tell you,

I do it seriously man,

goodamn serious.



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