#Poetry:”I don’t Know”.

Click here for italian/Original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/03/poesianon-lo-so/


“I don’t know,”

sometimes, life is not knowing,

is not doing,

it’s full of “no”.

Life is a doubt,

we’ll try to do something about,

For every that cut me out.

All of those doubts,

You don’t know how to solve,

sometimes just enjoy the fact,

that you don’t know,

It’s a good thing to evolve.

You’re caught up,

between what you are,

and what you wanna be.

You want to go far,

you want to be free.

But you see,

can’t always solve fights,

Just try to do the rights,

turn on the lights,

your smile brights.

For everything that keep us apart, distant,

and doesn’t help us to be lovers,

I need an assistant.

For this life,

we can be lovers,

to move forward,

like sisters and brothers.

It’s all a big chaos,

Life, full of pathos.

It’s how I want it.

I don’t want life to be boring,

I want always, new things, new mornings.

And I don’t do it just for you,

to be my witness,

but because I want what I want,

through my fingers.

I still don’t know how,

but one day I will.

Still don’t know the way,

and its name,

and I’m gonna win this game.



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