Original version here:https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/03/poesiaspecchi/


Sometimes we are nothing but mirrors,

mirrors of insecurities,

mirrors of the pasts of others,

of their fears and uncertainties.

Often we find ourselves with faults that are not ours,

we are nothing but mirrors

of ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends,

we passed, agglomerations.

Often, they don’t see us as we are,

but like misdeeds,

caused by previous events,

where we are not responsible,

we were not frequent.

Sometimes, we’re just mirrors,

of a time gone by,

we are mirrors of everything that is wrong.

We are the mirror of all that others,

they did not save,

they have not improved.

And therefore,

we can feel inadequate …

but they don’t see us as we really are,

maybe we see the past in other eyes,

maybe we always see the same thought,

and we always walk the same path,

and we think that how we act,

be the most serious, most sincere way.

And they don’t see well,

with our face.

They blame us for sins that are not ours,

they force us with wrong and twisted choices.

And the bullshit accumulates, beautiful crooked.

The “whirlwind of thoughts”, it’s not just you,

everyone else does,

and even more.

Learn to shut up,

to keep things to yourself,

so you do not know, if you come out defeated,

and always stay straight,

without ending up afflicted.

Basically, I did not expect anything in particular, nothing of those exaggerated-philosophical reasonings,

I just wanted to be a friend, I just wanted a friend, I wanted a date.

How much bullshit, just because you like a girl, sometimes.



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