“Freak”. (The road is mine)

ITA: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/07/poesiastrano-la-strada-e-mia/


I’m a freak,

I often don’t care,

I’m someone who doesn’t care what other people think of me.

Sometimes, however, it happens that I give too much weight.

I am someone who thinks differently,

I am one who believes in love,

I am one who believes to awaken it in others.

I’m a weirdo,

I often think about things that are different,

by many others.

Sometimes it seems that some think,

that I am a freak.

To be one who loves,

for being one with fucking feelings.

“My damn heart!”

Why am I not so apathetic?

Like the others,

who seem to have a better life than mine?

Maybe that’s not really the case.

I’m a weirdo,

thinking differently,

in an obstinate and contrary way.

Why I don’t care,

because I’m not cynical,

and the various crap.

I’m a weirdo,

perhaps monstrous.

People don’t understand me,

no one understands why it is so important to me,

because I insist so much.

In the end I understand that no one else,

since he is not me,

can understand my heart.

At some point, therefore,

better if I go on my wrong way,

dimly lit, uncertain,

that in any case from a life that for many is wrong …

But one thing is certain:

the road is mine.



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