#Poetry:”Lie to Myself”.

Italian version here, if you want to read it: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/07/poesiamentire-a-se-stessi/



Why should I lie?

It’s like I’m going to die.

To lie to myself,

only pain,

nothing to gain.

I’m tired.

As it was true,

that my feelings and beliefs,

are bad.

Well definetly not a relief,

I’m a sad chief,

life is too brief.

So time pass,

just time, nothing else.

But I wanna be free,

from all of this.

Too many people lie.

They are so sure,

to do what they say,

to win,

as it was the cure.

But to me,

just fools,

nothing to endure.

They think they’re so pure…

An illusion.

They seem so strong,

but you think wrong,

since they’re ashamed of themselves,

if they want to show so much,

nothing to touch.

Like sand to their hands,

just another lie,

to sleep better,

or so they say,

a nightmare,

everynight, everyday.

But I can accept my feelings,

myself, all I think,

and I can say

there’s nothing wrong,

and so I drink,

truths, I never sink,

So I find the self-link.

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