#Poetry “Not Helping”.

ITA: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/08/non-aiuti/


To fuel the insecurities,

Not helping.

To increase the uncertainties,

not helping.

To undermine my self-esteem,

to feed doubts,

to tell me that “I can’t do it”,

to want to be right,

to always blame me,

 to break my balls about everything,

not helping.

To break the balls so much,

about how I dress,

to break the balls so much on my body,

to make me feel like I don’t count for anything,

to make me feel that I’m ugly,

not helping.

To tell me that I can’t do it with women,

that for me those are “too beautiful”,

so I should “reduce my claims”,

not helping.

Because you make me feel belittled.

You say you do it for my sake,

but GODDAMIT, the concept of “good” escapes you..


I don’t know why you are so obsessed,

that the only way to “help”,

is to doubt.

Whether to devalue us,

to make us think that we have no value.


you should encourage,

you should help people believe in themselves,

if you are friends.

But are you really friends?


from MY fucking point of view,

do the opposite effect.

And it’s because of these things,

that I am like that.

Certain friendships, certain advice,

they are more toxic than the rest.

They do not conform to personalities

And to doubts.

Make it clear that the only way to make people understand things,

i’ts to be stern.


just bullshit.

Not helping

Nto helping at all.



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