#Poetry:”If God Exists”.

ITA/Original: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/10/poesiase-dio-esite/


If God exists,

I don’t think he has a blacklist.

He isn’t into statues,

but in values.

Don’t cry for an object destroyed,

God, if he’s real,

he’s not an idol,

so, adoration is a thing to avoid.

If Godi s real,

he loves,

doesn’t punish,

try to guide you in the right way,

so, don’t feel rubbish.

If we are his image and likeness,

he’s the most human,

I think it’s time to stop with this madness.

His love is immense,

as every father,

and avery mother.

So why does he want to hurt us?

If God exist,

he always wants to help us.

If God exist,

he may even do some mistake.

He is the most real thing,

so, perfection, kinda fake.

Perfection for a human being?

What is this?

Perfection is subjective,

so there is a God in all of us,

we can find this attractive,

it’s our prospective.

If God exist,

he’s not how many picture him.

How we imagine him…


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