ITA: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/10/poesiaragni-scelte-ferme/


Like when you have to choose,

but you stay without ever doing anything definitive.

So, standing still,

you have already chosen.

You let it all flow,

inside you,

crossing you.

Then if you don’t choose,

that’s it,

it is as if I have already chosen.

Like you wonder whether to go out or not,

then you must stay in the house.

And maybe you already knew,

but you have asked yourself the doubt.

“Will I stay or go?”

Should I Stay, or Should I go?

And then you stay,

with madness,

with your utopia.

Thinking I can do it,

oh, poor fool!

And then you remain as if hanging,

like a spider.

And you also like spiders …

And I look at them,

calm predators,

on hold.

Waiting to strike.

Predators different from the others,

maybe that’s why I like them so much:

so strategic,

so calm.

They chase nothing,

they build,


It is also relaxing to watch them,

I think I love them.

A little bit you get carried away by life,

the prey may come by itself,

in the cobweb.

Maybe I should learn from these creatures,

that I appreciate so much.

Silent predators, they don’t hunt, they don’t run, they don’t fidget.

They already know that they will get the result.

Yes, maybe instead of running,

instead of chasing some dreams,

maybe I should just make a spider web.

Why do you see,

I am different,

I can do everything you,

you don’t even dream,

not even pictures.

Maybe in the end, my choice is this:

being a spider.



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