This is the English version of: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/15/poesiapurtroppo/


Unfortunately, I can’t,

some days I can’t do it,

some days the dissatisfaction kidnaps me.

I just wish I was happy,

I just want certain things to happen,

I would like to have the strength to carry them out.

I would like to know how to bring back,

someone in my life.

I would just like to talk to you,

We’ll see…

Some days the emptiness that I feel in my chest,

becomes particularly noisy:

and I’m afraid,

Of my future.

I don’t want to go away

I don’t want to turn my back on myself,

I’m afraid I’d just lie to myself,

to give up,

Unfortunately I’m so fucking stubborn,

I don’t want to say goodbye.

I would like to make myself happy,

doing what I really want,

because the alternatives,

are seen as lies,

lies to myself.

Unfortunately I fear there is no other way,

for me,

to do something,

for what I really want.

The problem was mine,

I am the first,

not believing it,

not to open myself to the possibility of making it.

In conclusion.

At bottom,

it is I who is afraid of making a mistake,

and I don’t open up to the possibility,

to make it,

against situations apparently bigger than me.

I would like to try,

but I do not know how I can do it,

I do not know what to say,

but I want to do it.

And these days,

that I can’t do it,

that I would like to make it,

I would like to know how,

unfortunately, I don’t know.

And I don’t give myself peace.

Because, alas: there is only one thing I want to do,

and it is never the right one for others,

but only for me.

And I won’t feel right with myself,

he is satisfied,

until I realize it.

I’m so fucking self-aware …

I’m tired,

to do things,

to be people,

that make me sick.

To think in ways that do nothing else

That this fucking annoying pain.




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