This is the english version of: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/15/poesiafuoriluogo/


Always misplaced,

for everything I’ve faced.

I felt disgraced,

into loneliness, embraced.

We never understand,

what is our place,

where to leave our trace.

It’s hard,

when you think always,

at the same face.

I don’t know,

where can I take space?

People talk,

but they don’t understand,

what’s written.

So I often take a walk,

to think about what’s given.

“I never seem to understand,

the time, the place, and who I am”

What and how I truly feel,

what is right to do,

this is the doubt meal.

I don’t know who to trust,

and it happened,

to blow up into a bust.

So, I’m always distrustful,

hope I won’t be like a ghoul.

I often feel,

as it was there, something more,

want to love,

even if I’m torn.

Often, even who hurt me,

I’m weird, you get me?

I’m still wondering what’s my habitat,

maybe none,

I’m probably a cat!

Yes, it’s weird,

I can be in a disco,

full of people,

and at home,

reading a book,

fixing my

lonely ripple.


“I never seem to understand,

the time, the place and who I am,

Define a way to stay alive,

it’s like I’m living a lie!”

From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj7sammYKTc



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