#Poetry:”Remember the Bright Side”.

This is the translation of this poetry: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/16/poesiaricorda-il-lato-positivo/


When I think about the past,

I think about the mistakes made,

who and what I miss …

I only think about the negative side.

I blind myself,

not thinking instead,

to the good times we spent together.

It is not easy to remember the good,

the beautiful,

the positive side.

Remember when with this person,

with these people,

it was fine.

Before it all was

Substitute by obsession.

When there were kisses and hugs,

when there were messages of affection.

When you were actually happy

To see each other,

to meet again.

And everything disappears,

for nothing,

just a  guilty trip.

What a pity, right?

And, after that the bad

Begin to pass,

that’s where you remember the good.

That’s where you remain convinced of the good …

That you don’t hate

that you love.

When we loved each other,


We laughed,

we let ourselves go.

When we jumped together, happy.

When we caressed …

It wasn’t all shit,

it wasn’t all black.

They loved you,

remember that.

Remember it wasn’t wasted time at all,

remember that nothing is useless.

Remember that

You were also right,

and that what your feelings told you,

it was true.

Remember the bright side,

that basically,

that’s what you live for.



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