This is the translation of this one: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/17/poesialascia/


They tell you to leave,

they tell you not to leave.

Don’t let that happen to you,

do not let yourself be screwed by nostalgia,

“do not leave”.

Instead, leave it alone.

Why you care?

Leave, that here,

there is really no one with the breath on the neck.

Suffer as long as you like.

Someone has to get you

The stopwatch?

Absolutely not.


don’t let it leave.

Let me not leave.

Don’t allow to allow yourself,

allow yourself not to allow yourself.

In conclusion,

it always happens that they tell you what to do.

But you should have understood

that you decide

what you take,

what you leave.

In the end this is autonomy.

Let yourself cry,

left the sea,

let yourself suffer,


And who cares about the rest?



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