#Poetry:”My worst Enemy”.

I am my worst enemy,

often it’s me

to give me harm.

I don’t always succeed

To be reslient.

It’s me,

that I throw myself down.

But often,

I don’t find anything else to do.

Almost like it really was,

all trapped,

from a glass bell.

It’s me,

that I do not run away from anything,


not even by myself.

Some days,

there are mixed feelings,

and they are the strongest.

And that’s where often,

I’m the first to underestimate myself,


I am the first,

to think of not making it.

In conclusion,

my failures,

are my responsibilities.

And I know!

What then,

if one has to trust himself,

and their feelings,

if you take them off,

there may be nothing left.

We are often like empty shells,

life is wasted,

because of suffering.

Is pain necessary?

It seems that we only grow through it.

I often feel almost like I am a hostage.

But that’s how I feel alive too.

And it is necessary,

however, at least,

experience a new change.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/20/poesiail-mio-peggior-nemico/



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