#Poetry:”Black Gold.”

This is the Engish version of this: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/22/poesiaoro-nero/


Black gold,

we’re made ofgold,

but its so black,

we  can’t bring what we want, back.

Like petroleum,

black gold,

we’re corrupted,

we’re al lthe same,

onlyu when they wish it,

only when it’s convinient to them.

Or else, they put on you the blame,

it’s a shame,

and a big flame.


But what we want,

we go and take it, now,

we will, somehow!

They just keep telling us,

that we can’t,

they keep feeding

this chaos plant.

We try to love, again,

we know pain,

we know love,

we know what we want  to gain,

we know, what we lose,

low or above.

We have a heart of gold,

is made of black,

corrupted with the madness of this world.

There’s nothing more true

Or real,

of the way we feel.

We’re not made of steel,

we’re made of black gold,

we have maybe, softer peel,

and the heart, is never really cold.




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