#Poetry:”Bottoming Out”.

Bottoming out,

touching the deep,

the deep dark,

I felt like a creep.

This ain’t cheap,

chief, you have your life to keep.

I fell

Into this well,

I felt like I was in hell.


I fell like water,

after all,

coming down,

deep into the dark ground,

Like water, I want to come up,

to get up,

I am,

it’s like growing up.

I don’t ever want to stop.

Life is like this,

flip a coin into this well,

desire, isn’t that simple,

things aren’t that simple,

to get.

This is the circle!

Sometimes, solutions aren’t easy to find,

sometimes, love keeps you blind.

To be honest,

I don’t even know,

if I’m ok now,

or I pretend to be,

to let me be free,

from everyone,

who just talk too much,

they don’t understand,

they don’t see,

it’s like they always watching TV.

But I touched this bottom,

this deep,

I felt pain into my bosom,

it’s all custom,

and a bit random,

it’s my deep venom,

there, somehow, I’m always welcome.

I felt like I was dying,

I couldn’t even breathe,

but I got up,

living it.


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