#Poetry:”I Wish”.

This is the English version of that: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/22/poesiavorrei


I wish to have more time,

to know if it all ends now.

I wish to have more time,

not to have to go.

I wish to know if we won’t see each other anymore,

I wish I had no more pain.

I wish to do something,

I wish I found a way.

I wish I didn’t feel so confused,

I wish not to feel this crisis on me.

I wish I were not afraid,

I wish to see myself in a better way,

I wish I had a better body,

and I wish a better life.



I wish to make myself happy,

I wish to take people back,

in my life.

I wish it because I just can’t

be in another way.

I wish I had the desire,

the strength to go away.

I wish my family were better,

I wish to stop worrying.

I wish stop to concern

Stop tormenting me.

I wish to know and be,

I wish, I wish…

I feel like 1900,

I feel like someone who asks me:

“Why, why, why?”

Which then the answer would almost always be:

“Why don’t you mind your own buisness?”

I try every day,

and I’m getting better

but it almost never seems to be enough for me.

And it’s never enough for me

but I feel tired,

as if I had done so much more,

of what I’ve done,

now that the weights of my emotions,

they are always great.

How many times the reality,

crushed me?

And it’s doing it again.

I feel flattened,

as if you were merged with the floor.

And I would,

I would like to be a mountain,

a giant.

I wish I was stronger …

But lately,

I’m not,

I cannot do it

Since I wish

that her to come back,

and even just a greeting would be enough,

to make me rise from this ground,

instead of doing it all by yourself!

Since no one,

he proved capable,

to really helped me.

And I wish,

that they would help me, and understand,

for real.




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