#Poetry:”Is normal to feel bad”.

In fact,

to be hurt is normal,

to feel pain isn’t abnormal.

To feel bad, it’s almost so formal,

even if it happens into the informal.

In the end of the day,

what can I say?

I’m not loving it, anyway,

but hey, Isn’t always all black and grey.

What can I say,

people tells me not to feel bad,

but I always see them

doing the same things,

they tell me not to do.

Life is high and low,

there no one above.


There’s not only one way to grow,

to heal, to show love.

In the end maybe it’s my decision,

to feel bad,

maybe I’m an idiot,

maybe that’s my mission.

I can feel it,

I want to live with passion,

any other thing,

is out of the season,

out of the session.

Everyone got their own problems,

everyone got their systems.

I’ve ehard so many useless bullshit,

so many things I don’t need,

so many things I don’t feed.

So nothing that helps me.

The pain, is a much better company.





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