#Poetry:”You can’t stop”.

How do you stop?

She doesn’t stop.

To love,

to remain true to yourself,

to love.

Maybe, in the end,

he never stops.

We don’t stop things like that.

Maybe you can quit smoking,

but what else?

You can stop drinking,

but certain things,

they don’t stop.

Let’s say stop,

then we never do.



You change,

when you want.

And me,

that I remained the only one faithful to my goals,

I look at the world in ashes.

And it sucks.

Maybe the love we feel for someone,

is replaced

from someone else.

After all, the only irreplaceable ones,

we are ourselves.

And on this,

and of this

we are sure, always.

At some point I stop asking myself,

“How do you stop?”

It seems useless now,

after all, you know: I survive anyway.




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