#Poetry:”Mental Wankes”.

You get lost

For some mental wankers …

We stop talking

For mental wankers.

No serious reason


Only mental wankers,

that are fed.

How much bullshit,

do we tell each other?

All of this,

for so little…

A crush.



There are more paranoia,

than the facts

to speak.

How boring…

I’m sick of it,

I don’t want to hear anymore

This bullshit …

These are things that in the end,

they are of no use to anyone …

it seems normal to you,

stop talking to each other,

for misconceptions?

For prejudices,

for paranoia?

And it feels right to you,

do more mental jerking,

how many do I do?

I’m the one making them,

or are the others throwing theirs,

on me?

At the end,

do you think people,

he does more mental jerking than you.

All this stuff,

for a crush.


And the mental wankers,

they are worse


because there is no orgasm,

there is no pleasure.


is not

fucking good.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/02/poesiaseghe-mentali/

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