I hate hypocrisy.

I hate it when people,


telling me they don’t know


and then they talk about it

and they speak loudly.

They do more paranoia than I do

about that.

They say they don’t know them,

but they talk,

as if they knew them.

“I don’t know them well”,



you say,

but then, you talk about it,

as if I understood them.

Big and thick


They tell me to “go ahead”,

then they come back with the ex.

They tell me to do,

all that

they would like to do them.

But I, being human like them,

mistaken, perhaps, like them.

For me I am not a fucking mistake,

and I’m not a hypocrite.

I keep my consistency,

and I’m fine like that.

I wasted time,

to listen,

to the hypocrites,

and their contradictions.

Throwing and throwing up,

on me,

their insecurities.

However, there is a positive side:

stop believing them,

and understanding their hypocrisy,

I became more mature

and higher self-esteem.




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