#Poetry:”Will to Win”.

I can understand,

that you don’t want to win,


This desire,

of revenge,

to prove,

which are much better than you think

much better than that,

that for too long,

I believed in it too.

Not everybody,

have lost,

like me.



When you lose too much

And too often,

it’s hard for you to have

other wishes,

if not

to re-win.

I feel understimated …

I want to prove to the world,

that I can do it.

And I am more and more convinced,

that it is simpler,

than what it looks like.

People gave up,

not me.

Talk to one who since he was born,

he knows he must never give up.

What then remains screwed.

I can not stop.

I can not stop!

The more they tell me I can’t,

the more I want to do it,

the more I want to win

and prove that I can.

And when it happens,

because it will happen,

I will enjoy

in seeing them envy me.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/04/poesiavoglia-di-vincere/

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