#Poetry:”Missings” (End of an Obsession?)

Then you miss someone,


You miss laughing with her.

It’s not because you want it,

as a woman,

as a girl, a lover …

No, I miss her as a person.

She was a beautiful presence

In my life.

She made me feel good …

What has been ruined

at the end,

it was a good relationship.

And I’m still here

to write on it.

To want to find the way,



the one that was unfastened.


At the end,

you understand that she was not

just “a crush”,

you were fond of


And then,

I just can’t

stop to give a damn,

to wear the mask

clown of cynicism.

I did wrong

To listen

Some advice…

Do things almost by force,

and therefore, you ruin everything.

I’m so sorry,

I fucking miss you.

And I wish to

Laugh again

with you.

And I miss you,

as a person,

like a friend,

and nothing else,

believe me.


You know,

maybe this means,

that are no longer

“Obsessed” or “obsessed”.

I think, I’m starting

To love me.

Maybe, I really love you.

And I would

Find the way,

to return to ours,

respective lives.

And I’m not writing to you,

i’m so afraid

that anything

can tell you,

you might see it

as something negative.

But every day,

I fight

and I bear the weight

of this lack.

Who knows,

maybe it will really happen,

to reconcile.

Well …

Hello S*****.

I still care for you.

italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/06/poesiamancanza-fine-di-unossessione/




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