#Poetry:”That’s Ok…”

That’s okay,

that’s okay …

With this way of life,

with this desire,

of lack.

With this


With her that I miss,

with me,

that I decide to remain my friend,

and to love.

That’s okay,

with this obstinacy

to be “a good one”.



That’s okay.

What then

They tell me that “I have to take it in the ass”,

because “I have to be myself”!

but then,

Who the fuck else am I supposed to be?

But that’s okay.

I want to search,

to keep as much as possible.

That’s okay, you know,

I feel I love myself

for real.

Now what do I say

To deserve more,

to be able to have it.

That’s okay,

the life,

even in this time of shit,

that’s okay …

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/07/poesiava-bene-cosi/




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