#Poetry:”Love Myself”.


I think I love myself.

And I do it more than any other,

more than any parent,


brother and sister.


that I tell myself that I deserve better,

to be better.

Not wanting to be satisfied.

These people,

who should “love me”,

they say to take the crumbs.



It’s like going

To a restaurant,

and say you want something,

and not to bring

what you don’t like,

  or are you allergic,

and them,

they bring you exactly what you don’t want,

as if they were,

of the retarded.

And they insist,

to give you things

that you don’t want.

Like “you don’t have to have pretty girls,

only the ones you don’t want,

that you don’t like.

Maybe even those that temperamentally,

I’m disgusting. “

Then send everyone

To fuck it,

and you leave the restaurant.

One evening,

I noticed,

that if I say that I deserve more,

what others say,

those who in theory,

they should love me,

I love myself, finally,

more of them.

It has finally begun

The relationship with myself.

Love myself.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/08/poesiaamarmi/

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