#Poetry:”My Best Friend”.

By now,

my best friend,

it’s me.

I miss someone who

Do believe in me?

Here I am.

I miss someone

To love,

to love me?

Here I am.


I’m my best friend.

I am what it tells me

Who can do it.

I am the one who decides,

that can have

what he wants.

I am what they say,

what MUST be said,

that we deserve


what others say,

that we don’t deserve.



I am a father,

I am a son,

I am a lover,

I am a brother,

a sister,

of myself.

Nobody wants it

Do, for me.

So here I am.

I decide,

in this world

that I can have

what I want.

I decide my dreams

And goals,

I never give up.

I want to decide,

The best for me.

That I,

I’m sick of it,

to be a loser.

What has been put,

 on the fringes of society.

I want my dreams,

I want to take them from those who have them,

without deserving them.

I will also be my God,

if necessary.

I was told,

that I am too ambitious.

But I believe

To be the only one

With the balls,

to have an ambition.

Who the fuck you say

who the fuck decides,

how much am i worth?

Only me.

Am I worth less than others?

Absolutely not.

I will be my best friend,

the only one that is said

these things.

The only one,

who really believes it.

The rest,

and all the others,

fuck off.


Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/10/poesiail-mio-migliore-amico/



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