#Poetry:”Beyond Appearances”.

The truth

It’s just that people don’t go beyond appearances!

Not even those

What would they be

Just the last ones

  To be able to talk about it.

They think I like it so much

A person,

only in base

to her beauty,

and stop there.

And instead,

I went further

the appearance.



I liked her,

because it made me feel good.

And it’s their fault too,

which has disappeared.

They took me away

What for me,

it was precious.

And me,

I trusted myself

to this series of whores,

and I lose people.

And they believe me


but only for appearance,

and they don’t see

the essential.

That as someone said,

a long time ago,

“It is invisible to the eye”.

Italian version, if you want to read it: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/15/poesiaoltre-le-apparenze/

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