#Poetry:”Go Away!”

Go away,

from here,

from this sad land.

Go away,

from fear,

and anything else,

you can’t stand.

Goa away…

From this place,

you were born here,

this is where you got

your face.

It would be so easy

To forget your dramas,

just going away…

and all your traumas.



They say you need to leave,

we always say that,

we never do.

There’s nothing left to give,

Maybe I will, too.

I wish to say,

but people,

casted me away.

You always feel like to run,

because the pain,

it’s all that  burns.

I don’t know how to deal,

with her,

and to make it right.

I let go,

not anymore holding it tight.

They say to go away,

as it was wrong

to stay.

This is my coutnry,

and for people like us,

it’s like there’s some bounty.


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And if you want check the italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/15/poesiavattene/



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