#Poetry:”Feet on the Ground”.

Feet on the ground,

not turning around.

They want us

As they want…

Our feet are chained,

people won’t let us free…

Do they love us?

You and me?

Sometimes I think,

they’re so scared,

so afraid

that I might succeed.

That is their evil seed.

To see something,

they don’t think it might happen,

that could ruin

their “certainty garden”.



I wonder,

what they’d do,

if I might achieve my dreams,

my goals?

And I’m working for them,

right now.

It might end, as well,

in a huge “wow”!

i just ask myself,

if they really love us,

or their ideas.

I pity them, so full of fears.

Never made a move,

to change their lives…

And I want to change mine,

before it could be all about bribes,

and brides.

I want to add colour,

inside these lines.
If I’d live my life,

in the same way,

it would be so sad, and grey.

You know,

they’re so scared

that you might win.

This is their fear’s bin.

check the ITA version if you want: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/16/poesiapiedi-per-terra/

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