#Poetry:”Tired of being worried”.

Everyone thinks

May it always be there

A second purpose.

You know,

I’ve had enough,

to worry.

It’s time for me

Accept my mistakes.

Then everyone here,

tehy think what they want to think,

they do what they want to do,

with my actions.



I only have the intention

To do my best.

The truth?

I have no “ulterior motive”,

but to the people

like to think I’m so mean.

But hey!

“The only logical explanation”.

What then

I don’t understand if I have to justify myself,

if I just have to admit the mistake,

I know that

whatever I do,

they think I am

a shitty person.

Maybe I am,

perhaps only in certain circumstances.


but at the same time,

I understand that it is no longer needed


In fact, I’m bound to be wrong.

It’s time that I accept my mistakes,

instead of trying

in every way

to correct me.

And, I know,

that’s just how it is

grow for real,

we accept

for what we have been

and we are today.

I’m sorry,

but I don’t feel like it anymore

to worry about everyone

that’s all.

I’m tired…

I just give you a promise:

I will always try

To do my best.

Check italian/original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/16/poesiastanco-di-preoccuparmi/

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