#Poetry”This new Dawn”.

I contemplate this new dawn of mine,

I still don’t understand,

who I am.

I recognize the fact,

To have had so many faces.

Inside me,

I begin to live again.

I feel the resignation,

acceptance …

Some things maybe

they will not come back,

there will be no more.

Fortunately, the anger passes,

but I’m starting to get tired.


Maybe, it’s time to go,

maybe another place would be enough,

another life.

Seeking tranquility

That the end of my anger offers me.

I keep holding a certain photo,

as phone wallpaper,

not to forget,

what I really want,

my dream,

my goal.

I’ll never know,

many things…

it’s clear,

that for some,

it’s better this way …

for others, who knows,

maybe not,

and maybe one day I will know them.

But yes,

I hate goodbyes.

To be honest,

I was sorry

also be cynical and aloof,

but for some people,

it’s clear,

that they deserve it.

For other things, I know that by now,

everyone does as they like best.

People don’t look

The truth,

they just look at their point

of sight,

believing that it is,

the absolute truth. Goodbye

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/19/poesiaquesta-nuova-alba/

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