I don’t know

If I liked her,

or I liked me,

together with that girl.

I don’t know if I miss her,

or just what I was before.

I liked me, with her.

I would like myself,

with this girl,

 of my dreams.

In this life,

I lost so many people,

It’s not a problem.


The problem is that it happens forever,

and that’s the way it happens.

Always for bullshit,

for paranoia of ‘this fucking town.

What here,

they are always thinking

to plots:

never to spontaneous gestures.

Because here I’m doing

The black sheep,

the fish out of water.

The impossible human being …

Then the wrong messages pass,

and certainly not the positive ones!

And I

I break my balls more and more.

What the fuck!

was the last person I would have

wanted to lose,

and it was the last

I wanted to hurt,

make a bad impression!

What the fuck

there seems to be no serious reason,

 just a bunch of bullshit.

And I know,

which is not always necessary,

be “compatible”,

“Have things in common”,

to love each other.

I know if you are different

From society,

the weakest will bully you,

the less weak will isolate you,

the very weak will demand of you.

The strong will remain.

And I know,

that you are not always weak or strong,

i know real people

and intelligent,

they will always know how to treasure,

while the parasites,

they will stick to you,

to feel better about themselves.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/21/poesiaparassiti/

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